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Tailored costume for my boss


A white Horse, Thomas the train and a zoo keeper are my boss’s favorite characters, but Thomas the train is still the no. 1 coolest thing in his world.  Since the only Thomas costume I can buy in the market is a super ugly vest, I decided to make my own. There are a lot of tutorials of making Thomas costume; I based on this one from littleredwindow to create my first homemade costume! ( I am sure more to make before he becomes a teenager ><)Continue reading

Be Creative, Crafted Outfit

DIY T-shirt stencil design // Xmas edition

Christmas is around the corner; I saw more and more kids wore cute xmas outfit. As my boss’s personal stylist, I wanted his first xmas outfit with more personality. I decided to stencil a T-shirt with his own graphic design. This is by far my favorite homemade cloth design. I am very pleased the graphic look, and the nose made with red felt just look super cute. Can’t wait to take more photos of him wearing this t-shirt!

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Be Creative


It’s our last minute halloween decoration, and there is nothing better than putting my boss’s face on the pumpkin. It’s challenging to curve a portrait, but I am so glad I did it! When I turned off the light, his glowing smile just makes our halloween full of joy and happiness.Continue reading

Be Creative, Crafted Outfit

DIY onesie stencil design // No.1


This is the first promotional piece that I made for my boss. After reading some tutorials online, I thought this onesie stencil project should be super easy that I just design, cut, paint and done! However, it’s not my case. First, it was fun to design the look with my computer. The graphic is the number six balloon with confetti flowing on top;  it’s cute and simple. When I started actually making it with my hands, mistakes happened without command + Z to simply undo it!  I remembered I started on Saturday 10 p.m. and finished on Sunday 4 a.m., then my boss woke up at 5:30 a.m…Continue reading

Have Fun

Happy 6 month old birthday

My boss is half year old! It’s a big deal in the baby’s world! He is from an infant to a mature baby. He is officially able to eat solid food, drink water, put on sunscreen, and take swim class/ music class, etc. He will start to sit up and crawl that means more troubles too. (It’s kind like an adult turns 21). I decided to have a house party and invited all his formal employees- me, Chris ( my hubby), and Smile ( my dog). The party needed to be short and sweet since his busy schedule ( eat, play, poop, and sleep). The whole party was about 20 mins, but I spent three long nights for all the preparation. Continue reading