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Mother’s Day Necklaces made by my boss!

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, and I have been thinking ideas of handmade gifts for all Ryker’s important women. Sending flowers is the most popular way, but I want something easy for kids to make, more practical, and last longer.

First I thought of using dry flowers for the jewelry, but drying flowers takes time and also too fragile for young kids to touch. After researching, I fund a great idea of pressed flowers prints with a hammer. It’s easy to prepare and boy-friendly!

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How to take young kids to the art exhibitions

I got couple friends asked me how to take young kids to the art museums?

Here is my experience:
I started taking my boss to the art gallery/ museum since he was 7 month old. I talked to him about color or objects that shown on the art pieces. It’s always less than 20 mins and took him outside for fresh air or somewhere he could crawl around. It was easier to control him when he was a baby. When he was a toddler, I chose the exhibition that he might be interested, such us, simple art shape, vivid color, or interactive art. Outdoor art exhibition was also a good choice.

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R.I.P our amazing friend, Uulu.

uOne of our favorite friends in San Francisco Zoo, Uulu, passed away last Friday. She was one of the oldest polar bears housed in any zoo across the globe. We have been visiting the Zoo more than 35 times since my boss was 1 year old, and the polar bear was the must visited animal on our list every time. My boss called her “dirty polar bear” because her fur was always yellowy instead of pure white. We loved to visit her during her lunch time and watched her swimming in her little pool to get the meal.

We were shocked to hear the sad news while we were still in Taiwan. Once we got back, we made our memorial gift and visit the zoo asap. Thank you, Uulu for giving us so many good memories; we miss you very much. Rest in pace, dear friend.

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First no-cry doctor checkup! (Thanks for the doctor pretend play~)

Ryker was a big crier every time he went to see a doctor. He started to cry before entering the clinic, and didn’t let any one near him. He cried so loud that everyone who was in the building could hear him.

After his birthday, his 3-year-old checkup was coming up. I was so nervous and did a lot of preparation. We watched the checkup related episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, read some checkup storybooks, and did the doctor pretend play. We did the pretend play couple hours before Ryker’s actual checkup. I think this was very helpful, and he did so well during his checkup.

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Be Creative, Be Inspired, Have Fun

My Boss’s 3rd Birthday Party

My boss is all about trains, so of course his birthday theme request was Thomas the train!

OMG! Thomas and his friends are so colorful, and their super friendly faces are too hard to make them looks modern… I knew I didn’t want to disappointed my boss, so I had to make it happens. Here is the design I came up with. I am very happy with the result and proud of myself to make every piece, even to step up all the food and drinks.

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