My name is Mandi Lin. I was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to the U.S. to study graphic design in 2004. At school, I found my Mr. Right, Chris, and we got married in Las Vegas in 2007. We have a beautiful little schnauzer, named Smile. She is a sweet little girl with some diva personality. Chris and I are both very passion about our careers; he works in finance, and I work as a designer at an advertising agency. Working overtime is very common for us, but we still know how to enjoy lives. Our first six-year marriage was full of fun and craziness.

Until I found out I was pregnant, I was not sure if I ever want to have a baby. But when I saw how happy and emotional Chris was, I told myself fuck all the plans and the career; we are going to have this baby. Ryker was born in February, 2014. In the beginning, I was very depressed and so wanted to go back to work. Yet after six months I become very attached to him and want to see him growing everyday. I decide to quit my job and work for my own amazing boss, My Son.

This blog is to record my new employment. My career goal is to keep my boss happy and to grow his own business— being a better human. I want to bring my advertising world and design skills to make the full-time mom position fun and creative. It is going to be more overtime, but I will try to enjoy my little time after work you will find my freelance project, handcraft cocktails, celebrating ideas and things that keep me inspired or laugh. These make my life balance with my full-time job. Thanks for stopping by ,and hope you enjoy it!


Except for playing and having fun, our new chapter is to travel. Many people think young kids won’t remember anything, so it’s not necessary to plan trips for them. I think it’s more about experiencing different cultures, countries, and values rather than remembering any specific places or things. And it’s very important for him to experience these places time to time to open his mind and gain different values. Since he is only 2, reading related children books and doing sensory plays will give him a simple introduction and excitement about the new destination. I am very excited about this new journey and can’t wait to share all with you.