This summer Ryker, I and my family ( my mom, my sister, and my 4- year- old nephew) planned to visit U.K. for the first time. Our trip was 17 day long and included London, York, and Edinburgh. We were from the states ;my family flied form Taiwan, and then we both reunited in London. We hoped Ryker and his cousin could connect and also experienced the different culture, people, and environment together. London was the main focus of the trip; Edinburgh was for all the international festivals.

Before planning the trip, I did a lot of research for preschooler friendly places/ things to do; here are some great sites I found useful:
  1.  50 Things To Do In London Before You’re 5
  2.  kidrated- 5 DAY ITINERARY
  3.  London: Favorite Kid-Friendly Activities
  4.  A Traveling Mom’s Tips for Visiting London with Kids
  6. Edinburgh things to do
  7. Bringing young children to Edinburgh’s Festivals
Here are also some books about traveling London with kids:
  1. This is London
  2. A walk in London
  3. City Walks with Kids: London
  4. Mission London


The hardest part of planning the trip was to make daily itinerary. All the places in each day need to be in the neighborhood area, so we won’t spent too much time on transportation. Having a outdoor run or playground is a must do everyday for two energizing boys. Here are two recommend app for mapping your daily itinerary.


Another wonderful app for making itinerary easier is Tripit. It automatically creates complete travel itineraries from my email confirmation notices. Includes maps of destinations and airport terminals. It’s very useful to watch mobiles and apple watch.


We stayed in London for 7 days and then stopped in York for 3 days before heading to Edinburgh for the festivals. Last we came back to London for two days shopping fun. Here is my planned itinerary. I only planned 3-4 places to see each day because Ryker and his cousin needed time to nap, scream ,or run around outside. During our trip, we didn’t exactly follow the itinerary (some were skipped; some were swapped out ), but it’s very helpful to keep the trip on track and booking things ahead of time.


On the next post, I will share some great preschooler books and fun activities for Ryker and his cousin to get a taste of London! To be continued…