Harvest season is coming ; we saw nuts and fruits started falling. It’s time to update our wreath! I decided to make a super simple one that my boss would enjoyed making it and the result was unexpectedly stunning.

Here are the materials we used:
1. A lots of acorns, pinecones, dry fruits
2. Wire wreath frame
3. Twine
4. Hot glue gun
5. Decorative birds

I like to use natural materials, so we went to parks to find all diffident kinds of fruits that fell down from the trees. We got acorns, pine corns, and dry fruit…etc. Ryker pretended these are the treasures and had so much fun to collect them.

Next I wrapped the wire wreath frame with twine. The twine needed to be very tight and dense.

After finishing wrapping, I put it on the table, dumped all the fruits, and powered on the glue gun. My boss couldn’t wait to jump on the chair and started gluing it. I didn’t expect him to finish the whole piece, but he loved the process so much and spent more about an hour decorating and finishing the entire artwork.

The result was so pretty! I love the natural color and the combinations. For the final touch, we added two lovely birds as garnishes. He was so proud to hang it on the door and asked me to take photos and show his daddy right away.

Before we go too crazy about Halloween, I am glad that we took time to appreciate the harvest season. Thanks to the trees, leaves, fruits, soil, water..etc. We are so lucky here!