My boss doesn’t like to eat veggies! He is fine to drink veggie+fruit juice or pouches, but he doesn’t like to see them LIVE.

I used to hide the veggies in the soup or fry rice, but he would picked them out each bite. I decided to challenge myself to cook veggies as hero dishes for 5 days and introduced him the beauty side of the veggies.

To make it more fun, we picked different colors of veggie+fruit for each day. We discussed the ingredients, shopped in the grocery, prepared the dishes, tasted them, and finally made artwork about them. It was a lot of work for me since I am not a good cook ( maybe that’s why he doesn’t like veggies ?), but we both stepped out of our comfort zone and tried something new.

He knows more vegetables and is willing to try a few of them. Now he likes to ask what color would we have today, and it’s more fun for him to pick the color of veggies in the supermarket.( He used to not like walk to the veggies section.)

For me, I finally fund 2-3 recipes that works for different vegetables, and my boss likes them! Here are two my favorites:

1. Baked veggie fries ( Tater tots)
Ingredients: cheese/ seasoning salt / egg / bread crumbs / veggies ( zucchini, carrot, eggplant…)
Instructions here and here

2. Veggies chips
Ingredients: olive oil / seasoning salt / cheese / ground nuts ( sunflower seeds or cashew ) / veggies ( kales, cauliflower, radish )
Instructions here and here

They are easy to prepared and make the veggies as heroes in the dish. My boss likes most of them especially if I put a little bit dipping sauce for him.

Last but not least, we made kitchen towels with veggie stamps and also made the veggie sculpture. It was fun to see all the beautiful texture on each vegetable, and used the 5 colors to create endless color combinations. The result of the kitchen towels were stunning. Then we used these vegetables to create contemporary sculpture.

I haven’t cooked this much for a while, but I was glad I challenged myself.  I am so pleased my boss likes veggies a little more. Most important, I fund my boss approved recipes that worked for many different veggies! 🙂