We just had our family trip to Oregon. We took 18- hours Amtrak from San Jose to Portland. I thought we would be bored during the ride, but we had such a relax and wonderful experience on the train. Ryker loved the bunk bed in our room, walking through different cars, and watching other trains passing by ours. Then we visited Portland and Hood River. Hood River was so beautiful; every place we went was like from a picture. I enjoyed our trip so much and wanted to keep our travel memories somewhere visible so that my boss can revisit them all the time.

Travel memory map:

Things you need:
1. Map wall decor
2. Photos (3×2)
3. Thicker brown boards
4. Decorating pens
5. Twine
6. Push pins

Select the photos that were most memorable or iconic for the place.

Glued the photos to the brown cards and punch a hole on the top.

Wrote the memories on the back of the cards.

Tied the cards together with the twine, and then put them near the map with push pins.


My boss was excited to see the map and memory cards in the morning, and started talking about the places we went and the animals we saw. He remembered couple names of the states in the U.S and looked forward to his next travel destination. Guess where he wants to go next? 🙂

Yes! New Mexico!!!