4th of July is next Tuesday! The whole country is going to have big parades,fireworks, and American flag decoration everywhere . Before all the celebrations, I wanted my boss to understand some meaning of the holiday. For his young age, we read stories about the July fourth and made American flag craft.

The first activity is to learn the meaning of the American flag. Especially the 50 stars representing the 50 states. The activity was great for counting, being familiar with the map, and of course recognizing the flag.
 Here is where we live!the last state!learning each state


The second craft is to make his own 4th of July shirt. I cut 50 stars from a freezer paper and ironed it on a white tee. He painted the stars with red and blue acrylic paint. He liked to blending the color together, and the results turned out so pretty! Using tapes to protect the tee Ryker’s first stencil project 🙂

He can’t wait to wear it for his first July fourth parade and say happy birthday to the United States of America!