Father’s Day is tomorrow!! I have been thinking how my boss could make for his super dad:
A card?  It’s too easy.
Decorating a cake? Not sure if it’s eatable.
Painted golf balls? Maybe next year..
A painted T-shirt? Don’t think his dad will wear it outside.
A painted necktie? Ding ding ding!!!

The neckties are something his dad wears every workday, and it’s ok to make them obstruct and artistic. I bought two darker color ties; one is to make the handprint tie ,and the other is for the freestyle painting.

The freestyle painting tie: we used Q-tips as the brushes. It’s easier for young kids to hold and to make dots. I loved my boss’s color choices , and the results was so beautiful and elegant.


The handprint tie: we used my boss’s handprints and our dog’s paw prints for this one! I also loved his color choices for this. The color palettes were more fun and bolder than the first one, and it was perfect for the handprints.  I just wished the ties can soaked more painted because the handprints were not very clear. Well, we both were pleased with the results. ( my dog didn’t care that much :))

To wrap all the gifts, we re-used a gift box and decorated it with tapes, paints, and stickers.

We gave his daddy the gift on Friday night, and he loved them so much! Yeah~ I was a little worried he may not want to wear them, but he was so happy to put them on and said they looked great with his suits!!

Happy Father’s Day, our super daddy. We loved you so much and thanks for being our super dad!xoxo~