Our latest design: Animals Letter Design Collection!

My boss loves learning alphabets and spelling letters. He and his friends felt proudly to spell out their names. He always loved animals and wanted to know the animals alphabet phonic. Therefore, here is our latest design collection. I have been worked on this for a while and very proud to share the design with you. Hope you like them as much as we do. Xoxo~

Each letter is representing the animal’s name that starts with the letter:

A-antelope / B-bird / C-crab / D-duck / E-elephant
F-flamingo / G-giraffe / H-horse / I-ibis / J-jellyfish
K- kangaroo / L-llama / M-mouse / N-narwhal / O-owl
P-pig / Q-quail / R-rhino / S-swan / T-tiger / U-urial
V-vulture / W-walrus / X-x-ray fish / Y-yak / Z-zebra

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