The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. It will be on Tuesday May, 30th this year.  It’s one of the most important Chinese festivals in Taiwan and the one with the longest history. You can find out more here. Chris and I are both from Taiwan, so it’s important for Ryker to be similar with the Chinese culture and history.

We read the book about the dragon boat festival, and I decided to host a playdate to celebrate the festival with two activities: Dragon Boat Race and Making Fragrant Sachets.


1. Making Fragrant Sachets

Here are the materials: acrylic paints / salad spinner / mini cotton bags / red cord ribbons / tassel with loops / dry lavender / needle and sewing lines/ craft beads

We decorated the sachets with stickers and salad spinner art method. Salad spinner was a great way for outdoor art activity, and young kids loved to spin and squeeze!


We let them dry under the sun for couple hours. Kid went playing the playground or doing the dragon boat race.


After them dry, kids put cottons and fragrance in the sachets, and then moms sew them to be the shape of the rice dumpling. Finally we decorated the red cord and stitched it to the fragrant sachet as the necklace. They turned out so pretty and smelled so good!


2. Dragon boat race

Here are the materials to make the dragon boats. You can download the wonderful dragon art here.

After coloring and cutting the dragon, we taped them to the plastic cup.


  Next we punched a hole and put a long twine through the cup. Then we tied twines with cups to the trees and started the race. Kids side by side blowed to the cups, and see who’s dragon cup could move faster. It wasn’t quite easy for little kids, but they had fun and laughed so much.

It was a long day for my boss, but he had so much fun to make craft and experience the Chinese festival with all his good friends! Happy dragon boat festival, everyone! We hoped you can taste some yummy rice dumplings or see the dragon boat rice next Tuesday!