Before becoming a parent, I liked to fix a drink for Chris and myself on Fridays to celebrate the beginning of the weekends. Now my boss is big enough, so I think we can continue the fun with a kid friendly twist. We are making the healthy cocktail and mocktail together for the first time!

  • frozen peaches
  • minced ginger
  • 1 tbs honey
  • Gingerade Kombucha (we got the one with Chia. Extra Healthy!)
  • sparkling mineral H2O
  • Water
  • gin / vodka (for mom’s drink only )

You can read the detail ingredients and instructions here from honest nourished ( beautiful blog with all the yummy food)

We blend the peaches, ginger, and water together first, then My boss got to pour all the independents into his shaker. He had so much fun during the pouring process.  Although it became so messy in the end, it’s a great practice for fine motor skills. He worked so hard to mix all the ingredients in the shaker, carefully poured the drink out, and then decorated the drink with candy ginger.


We both loved our drinks and had so much fun together. It felt very good that I can continue doing things I liked before, and even share the fun with my kid. Check out our fun bartending video!!

 Cheers! have a great weekend everyone 🙂