My boss is half year old! It’s a big deal in the baby’s world! He is from an infant to a mature baby. He is officially able to eat solid food, drink water, put on sunscreen, and take swim class/ music class, etc. He will start to sit up and crawl that means more troubles too. (It’s kind like an adult turns 21). I decided to have a house party and invited all his formal employees- me, Chris ( my hubby), and Smile ( my dog). The party needed to be short and sweet since his busy schedule ( eat, play, poop, and sleep). The whole party was about 20 mins, but I spent three long nights for all the preparation. The party theme is confetti that means to celebrate his upcoming messy but colorful life. There are three main party stuff I made:


1. Six month onesie: I will write another tutorial post to share my first DIY onesie stencil experience.

2. Mini party hats: these are based on a confetti party hats DIY post from oh happy day, and I tweaked them to be cuter and smaller.

3. Baby purée cake: since a six-month-old baby just starts trying solid food, there is nothing bake-ish cake recipe out there for my boss. I decide to decorate the baby puree in a more fancy way. It’s kind like a cake in a jar; I put two of his favorite food- apple and squash in layers in a slim shot glass and used wasabi tapes to add more colorful layers at the bottom. The baby spoon was also decorated with color tapes.

I was pleased all the decoration turned out well, and my boss didn’t complain to wear any of these. He was friendly to take photos with all his employees and finished the entire cake. I can’t believe that I have worked for him for six month now. From only wanted to work as part-time till now I work overtime everyday; I feel I accomplished something bigger than anything I have worked on. I didn’t get any raise or paid vacation, but just one kind of reward will make my day— his smile! I know the next 6 month will be even crazier; bring it on boss! I will work hard and do everything to keep your business stronger and brighter.