Like many 2-3 year old boys, my boss is obsessing with trains, especially Thomas the train. Except for the train toys, I don’t really want to get him any Thomas accessories or outfit. I am sorry to be a selfish mom, but the design is too cartoonish, and I can’t stand my boss wearing it! He was envying when he saw someone wearing the Thomas or other train T-shirt, so I decided to start making train design outfit for him.

Here are the first two I made. The shirt design was based on his favorite color and animal; I designed the green train with horse conductor. After making the graphic on my computer, I cut iron-on heat transfer vinyls with the die-cut machine and applied the vinyl to the shirt.  The cap was simple design with trains on train tracks. The train track also used iron-on heat transfer vinyl, and I painted and glued these little plastic trains to the cap.


trainoutfita2 trainoutfita3 trainoutfita4


He loved the shirt and the cap and wore them to the zoo that day. I am pleased the outfit looked modern and cool, and he was excited to show his train cap and shirt to his friends.


trainoutfita5 trainoutfita6 trainoutfita7 trainoutfita8