A white Horse, Thomas the train and a zoo keeper are my boss’s favorite characters, but Thomas the train is still the no. 1 coolest thing in his world.  Since the only Thomas costume I can buy in the market is a super ugly vest, I decided to make my own. There are a lot of tutorials of making Thomas costume; I based on this one from littleredwindow to create my first homemade costume! ( I am sure more to make before he becomes a teenager ><)

You can checked out Cassandra May wonderful tutorial to get step by step details. I just showed some working progress that me and my boss had fun with.

halloween2-3 halloween2-2 halloween2-5

I also decide to made mine, so it’s more fun to be a train team!


We even added the led light for the last minute, and he decorated his treat brocket too.


Sadly, it was raining the whole weekend and my boss is catching a flu, so we didn’t go to many events or actual trick-or- treat in the evening. I just hope he can get well very soon, and I enjoyed the whole process with my boss. We will create more creative costumes together next year , and daddy and our dog will be part of the team for sure!

halloween2-10 halloween2-13 halloween2-15

Wish everyone had a wonderful trick- or- treat night! 🙂