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Travel Memory Map

We just had our family trip to Oregon. We took 18- hours Amtrak from San Jose to Portland. I thought we would be bored during the ride, but we had such a relax and wonderful experience on the train. Ryker loved the bunk bed in our room, walking through different cars, and watching other trains passing by ours. Then we visited Portland and Hood River. Hood River was so beautiful; every place we went was like from a picture. I enjoyed our trip so much and wanted to keep our travel memories somewhere visible so that my boss can revisit them all the time.

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Be Creative, Boss Business Trip

U.K. trip preparation: Sensory Play / Learn (Part 2)

Remember to read U.K. trip preparation: Sensory Play / Learn (Part 1) first


Interactive London book 1: Hello! London
This is a fun interactive book for toddlers to push, pull, and slide the London scenes to explore the sights of the busy city. Turn the London Eye, open and close Tower Bridge, even raise the flag at Buckingham Palace. Ryker loved playing with the book, especially the tube page. He kept asking when he can ride the tube. He also learned about the England royal family from this book.

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England trip planning

This summer Ryker, I and my family ( my mom, my sister, and my 4- year- old nephew) planned to visit U.K. for the first time. Our trip was 17 day long and included London, York, and Edinburgh. We were from the states ;my family flied form Taiwan, and then we both reunited in London. We hoped Ryker and his cousin could connect and also experienced the different culture, people, and environment together. London was the main focus of the trip; Edinburgh was for all the international festivals.

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