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My boss’s Half T-Rex & Half Thomas costume! Ready for trick or treat !

Ryker still loves train, but he started showing his interest of dinosaurs. When I asked him what did you want to be for the Halloween in September, he said, “Thomas the train.” I was so relieved since I made the Thomas costume last year.  One day when his daddy asked him again, he popped out a shocking answer, “I wanted to be half t-Rex and half Thomas!”

I didn’t even know what kind of that creature that is ?! After asking him over and over, he all gave me the same answer. I thought it’s time to make his wish come true.

Since he is going to wear the Thomas train box, I wanted to make his T-Rex costume light and comfortable. Here was the inspiration I got from and a useful tail making image.

Materials: felts, fabric glue, a blank shirt / a cap, and a sewing machine from a nice friend

special thanks The S’more Studio

Instructions: My nicest friend helped me sew all the triangles and the Dino tail, but I think you can also glued them as well.  Then I glued eyes, the rest of triangles to the shirt and cap.

The result is pretty cool, and he is comfortable wearing it. We took him to the Halloween Thomas the train event the next day, and he had so much fun and proud to be the T-Rex conductor! 🙂

Be Creative, Have Fun

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival!

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. It will be on Tuesday May, 30th this year.  It’s one of the most important Chinese festivals in Taiwan and the one with the longest history. You can find out more here. Chris and I are both from Taiwan, so it’s important for Ryker to be similar with the Chinese culture and history.

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First no-cry doctor checkup! (Thanks for the doctor pretend play~)

Ryker was a big crier every time he went to see a doctor. He started to cry before entering the clinic, and didn’t let any one near him. He cried so loud that everyone who was in the building could hear him.

After his birthday, his 3-year-old checkup was coming up. I was so nervous and did a lot of preparation. We watched the checkup related episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, read some checkup storybooks, and did the doctor pretend play. We did the pretend play couple hours before Ryker’s actual checkup. I think this was very helpful, and he did so well during his checkup.

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My Boss’s 3rd Birthday Party

My boss is all about trains, so of course his birthday theme request was Thomas the train!

OMG! Thomas and his friends are so colorful, and their super friendly faces are too hard to make them looks modern… I knew I didn’t want to disappointed my boss, so I had to make it happens. Here is the design I came up with. I am very happy with the result and proud of myself to make every piece, even to step up all the food and drinks.

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Create family holiday traditions (part 1)

We started our family holiday traditions to do a holiday related activity each day till Christmas day. Every morning when Ryker played our handmade advent holiday calendar, he also got task to explore.

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Weather Discovery Globes


The weather has been changing dramatically since October. One day was sunny; another day was windy, and the next day was non-stop raining. We decided to make these weather discovery globes to observe and recreate the look of different weather.

We also fund a great interactive weather book, called “Maisy’s wonderful weather book.” Based on the book, we created: sun, wind, cloud, rain,snow, and rainbow.

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