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My boss’s Half T-Rex & Half Thomas costume! Ready for trick or treat !

Ryker still loves train, but he started showing his interest of dinosaurs. When I asked him what did you want to be for the Halloween in September, he said, “Thomas the train.” I was so relieved since I made the Thomas costume last year.  One day when his daddy asked him again, he popped out a shocking answer, “I wanted to be half t-Rex and half Thomas!”

I didn’t even know what kind of that creature that is ?! After asking him over and over, he all gave me the same answer. I thought it’s time to make his wish come true.

Since he is going to wear the Thomas train box, I wanted to make his T-Rex costume light and comfortable. Here was the inspiration I got from and a useful tail making image.

Materials: felts, fabric glue, a blank shirt / a cap, and a sewing machine from a nice friend

special thanks The S’more Studio

Instructions: My nicest friend helped me sew all the triangles and the Dino tail, but I think you can also glued them as well.  Then I glued eyes, the rest of triangles to the shirt and cap.

The result is pretty cool, and he is comfortable wearing it. We took him to the Halloween Thomas the train event the next day, and he had so much fun and proud to be the T-Rex conductor! 🙂

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Harvest wreath made by my boss

Harvest season is coming ; we saw nuts and fruits started falling. It’s time to update our wreath! I decided to make a super simple one that my boss would enjoyed making it and the result was unexpectedly stunning.

Here are the materials we used:
1. A lots of acorns, pinecones, dry fruits
2. Wire wreath frame
3. Twine
4. Hot glue gun
5. Decorative birds

I like to use natural materials, so we went to parks to find all diffident kinds of fruits that fell down from the trees. We got acorns, pine corns, and dry fruit…etc. Ryker pretended these are the treasures and had so much fun to collect them.

Next I wrapped the wire wreath frame with twine. The twine needed to be very tight and dense.

After finishing wrapping, I put it on the table, dumped all the fruits, and powered on the glue gun. My boss couldn’t wait to jump on the chair and started gluing it. I didn’t expect him to finish the whole piece, but he loved the process so much and spent more about an hour decorating and finishing the entire artwork.

The result was so pretty! I love the natural color and the combinations. For the final touch, we added two lovely birds as garnishes. He was so proud to hang it on the door and asked me to take photos and show his daddy right away.

Before we go too crazy about Halloween, I am glad that we took time to appreciate the harvest season. Thanks to the trees, leaves, fruits, soil, water..etc. We are so lucky here!

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5 color fruit and veggie challenge

My boss doesn’t like to eat veggies! He is fine to drink veggie+fruit juice or pouches, but he doesn’t like to see them LIVE.

I used to hide the veggies in the soup or fry rice, but he would picked them out each bite. I decided to challenge myself to cook veggies as hero dishes for 5 days and introduced him the beauty side of the veggies.

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Travel Memory Map

We just had our family trip to Oregon. We took 18- hours Amtrak from San Jose to Portland. I thought we would be bored during the ride, but we had such a relax and wonderful experience on the train. Ryker loved the bunk bed in our room, walking through different cars, and watching other trains passing by ours. Then we visited Portland and Hood River. Hood River was so beautiful; every place we went was like from a picture. I enjoyed our trip so much and wanted to keep our travel memories somewhere visible so that my boss can revisit them all the time.

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Crafted Outfit

Animals Letter Design Collection!

Our latest design: Animals Letter Design Collection!

My boss loves learning alphabets and spelling letters. He and his friends felt proudly to spell out their names. He always loved animals and wanted to know the animals alphabet phonic. Therefore, here is our latest design collection. I have been worked on this for a while and very proud to share the design with you. Hope you like them as much as we do. Xoxo~

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Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival!

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. It will be on Tuesday May, 30th this year.  It’s one of the most important Chinese festivals in Taiwan and the one with the longest history. You can find out more here. Chris and I are both from Taiwan, so it’s important for Ryker to be similar with the Chinese culture and history.

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My Little Bartender


Before becoming a parent, I liked to fix a drink for Chris and myself on Fridays to celebrate the beginning of the weekends. Now my boss is big enough, so I think we can continue the fun with a kid friendly twist. We are making the healthy cocktail and mocktail together for the first time!

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