The Love Gifts from me to my boss

Ryker went to a wonderful nursery preschool  in our neighborhood. We started  the preschool since he was 18 month. Now he is at 2s’ class( twice a week), and parents work one day and drop kids off the other day.  After letting him and other kids familiar with the teacher, parents and the environment,  parents started dropping off kids in October.

Ryker is a slower-to- warm- up kid, so I waited a little bit longer to drop him off. We have been talking about this and read stories about the first day at school. This Tuesday was the day I decided to drop him off for the half of the class. I was so worried since I never left him to someone else except his daddy. I wanted to make gifts for his first day and physically showed him that mommy always with him in his heart and always comes back.


1. The Kissing hand calming bottle
This kissing hand is one of the most famous book for preparing the first day at school. The story is about Chester is a young raccoon who is nervous about go to school. His mother kisses his center palm and tells him that “whenever you feel lonely and need a little loving from home, just press your hand to your cheek and think, ‘Mommy loves you. Mommy loves you.’ Chester is comforted and goes to school.

This has became his favorite bedtime story lately, we loved to kiss each other’s hands for goodnight. I wanted him to actually see and hold the love from me if he feels alone at school, so I made this calming bottle. Materials: voss water bottle, dish soap, white glitter, 3D heart stickers, and laminated family photos. 


Ryker loves the bottle and has been watching it again and again in the morning . I put it to his backpack and told him when he misses mommy and daddy, just look at the bottle and won’t feel alone anymore.



2. Mommy and baby owls shirt
The other story book we love is called,” Owl Babies.” A tender tale to remind the youngest of children that Mommy always comes back. The teacher has been reading this story a lot for preparing kids first day at school alone. All the kids liked to listen the stories and to hold the stuff owl toys around in the classroom. I also bought the book and read the story to him at home.

I wanted to give Ryker something that represents mommy alway come back, so I designed and made this t-shirt for his first day. The front graphic is mommy and baby owls with letter “R” ( Ryker) and letter “M” ( mommy); the back graphic is a simple text: mommy loves Ryker.


In the morning, he was excited to see the owls with his and my letters on the owls and also his name in the back. We read the story again before heading out the door, and he smiled and touched his shirt the whole time.


When I told him that I will drop him off and be back for snack time, he asked a lot of questions about where I would go and why, but he didn’t cry or refused to go like before. He touched his t-shirt and said he is the baby owl. I said,” yes, mommy always co back and mommy’s love is with you every step away. I kissed his hand, and the teacher hold him to wave goodbye.  I was so worried and hold my phone the whole time. When I went back for the snack time, the teacher and other parents told me he did so well and didn’t cry at all, I was so relief and proud of my baby. Guess all the preparation paid off 🙂


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DIY Holiday Wreath



My boss and I liked to find natural treasures in our neighbor. Last week we picked up some pine cones and other beautiful seeds ,and decided to make a wreath to celebrate new season. We haven’t tried the method of salad spinner art, so I think it should be a fun way to color the pine cones and seeds. Ryker was amazed by how the color turned out and had so much fun to spin them all.


Ryker // Messy Art: Spinning pine cones art

Materials: salad spinner, Fluorescent paints, pine cones/seeds   



After the pine cones and seeds are dried, I put them on the wire wreath frame with florist wires.


Here is the finished wreath! The pine cones represent fall and winter, and these fun and vibrant color show the cheerful and magical holiday season. we are so pleased with the result! Ryker can’t wait to hang it on the door and was very proud to show his father the art he made 🙂


Can’t wait for making more fun and creative holiday stuff with my amazing boss~~ 🙂


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U.K. trip preparation: Sensory Play / Learn (Part 1)


We visited England for the first time this summer; It was my boss’s first business trip in Europe, so I did a lot of planing and researching. Before going to the trip, I would like my boss to get an idea about where and what he will go exploring. Here are some different things we had played and read:

The U.K. map and flag introduction
(A) We have a world map on the wall, so it was the first and easies way to show him the geography of the U.k. (B) I also made a simpler map to show the distance among the States, England, and Taiwan(my hometown), as well as the flags of all three


I have bought and returned so many kid friendly London books. Some books were too hard to understand for a toddler, and some stories were not interesting enough to get my boss attention. Below are my recommended books, and we also made fun activities based on these books.

Story book: Katie in London
This is the only London story book that he asked me read again and again. The story is about visiting London with her brother Jack and Grandma, Katie is excited when they meet a talking stone lion at Trafalgar Square who offers to take them on a special tour of the city, inviting them to hop on his back for a ride and an experience they won’t soon forget! Ryker began to remember some of the landmarks in London after reading the books couple times. He loved the lion character in the book and couldn’t wait to meet it in London. We also made an art project-painting lion figure gold to enhance the magical part in the book and also for the pretended play later.



Interactive book 2: Wind-up Bus
This is a super fun interactive book. A London Bus, with a wind-up model of a red, double-decker London bus and four tracks take you on a tour of the famous city. . The four tracks can also be taken out of the book and joined together to make one huge track for the bus to travel around. I also used this giant track as our tour guide. I googled and printed out all the landmarks, vehicles, and food that we will go visit, and then laminated them to sturdy cards.

uk-play-and-learn7 uk-play-and-learn8 uk-play-and-learn9

On the four track maps, I put on red sticker dots that were corresponded to the cards. We started playing the bus, when the bus stopped near the red dots, I asked Ryker to find the relates cards. It’s important to show him the actual images of things we will visit, but it’s in a fun way and not on the boring tour guide. He was able to memorize the image and the names after couple play.


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U.K. trip preparation: Sensory Play / Learn (Part 2)

Remember to read U.K. trip preparation: Sensory Play / Learn (Part 1) first


Interactive London book 1: Hello! London
This is a fun interactive book for toddlers to push, pull, and slide the London scenes to explore the sights of the busy city. Turn the London Eye, open and close Tower Bridge, even raise the flag at Buckingham Palace. Ryker loved playing with the book, especially the tube page. He kept asking when he can ride the tube. He also learned about the England royal family from this book.

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The Messy Art Projects we had fun lately


Ryker is not into making crafts or drawing on coloring book. Exploring different medium, playing with colors, and using fun “brushes” are always the better ways to keep him engaged with art. Here are a few projects we had fun recently:


1. Color volcano


Ryker // messy art: baking soda with green water color+ blue sprinkles, three cups of vinegar with colors, squeezing bottle, more vinegar and backing soda…


2. Colorful pasta sculpture / necklace

messy-art5 messy-art6 messy-art7

Ryker // messy art: food color dyed pastas, play dough, strings for the necklace


3. Cloud play dough


Ryker // messy art: corn starch, food coloring, shaving creams, a lot of clean up after

4. Nemo painting ( Ryker’s favorite fish)


Ryker // messy art: big felt fish shape, his hand pick paints, big brushes


5. Coloring water gums painting

messy-art10 messy-art11

Ryker // messy art: water gums with three different water color, red targeting stickers, water color paper, hours of fun

You can find details about how to make these projects on a lot of sites… It’s messy, but it’s so fun 🙂

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England trip planning

This summer Ryker, I and my family ( my mom, my sister, and my 4- year- old nephew) planned to visit U.K. for the first time. Our trip was 17 day long and included London, York, and Edinburgh. We were from the states ;my family flied form Taiwan, and then we both reunited in London. We hoped Ryker and his cousin could connect and also experienced the different culture, people, and environment together. London was the main focus of the trip; Edinburgh was for all the international festivals.

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Funky Rubber Ducky for Daddy


Chris invited us to pick up his new car, Tesla this Friday. He has been watching all the Tesla videos every night since the day he ordered the car. Even Ryker felt the excitement and kept asking when Tesla will be here.

Ryker and I decided to make a gift for daddy’s new ride. Chris used to have a  black rubber duck on his dash board for a long time, so we wanted to make a new one for his new car.

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Ryker’s Summer 2016 Art Collection


I like art and design, so I always set up some art activities and drawing stations for Ryker to explore different color and materials. This spring I started making a gallery wall for Ryker’s art pieces. It’s important to show him that I appreciate his creativity and work. He also enjoyed to look at them and showed his friends when they visited our house.

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Save Elephants and Rhinos (part 3)

The Global March for elephants and rhinos 



It was a nice whether for the march in San Francisco. Ryker was hesitated to March with a big group of people, so we waited at the finish point – union square. Many parents brought their children to support the event, and the whole March was peaceful with clear message to save elephants and rhinos.

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The Love Gifts from me to my boss

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