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Handmade Spring Wreath

Spring is here! It’s time to replace our winter wreath to the new season piece. ( if you don’t remember our handmade winter wreath, check out our the post here 🙂 )

Ryker// Messy Art: spring wreath

  • IKEA colorful straws
  • Craft stems
  • Kid Scissor
  • Wreath ring
  • Twine

The goal of the craft activity is to train my boss’s fine motor skills. He practiced to cut the straws with the scissor, and then put the pieces of the straws through the stems. He loved to use the scissor and was so concentrated to cut it as small as possible. He also enjoyed watching the straws flying everywhere during cutting. The floor and table were covered with color; it felt like spring and made us so happy.

Then we started putting the pieces of the straws through the stems and twisted the stems to make them look like flowers. He had fun to arrange different color through the stems and twisted the stems to different shapes. I finished the rest of flowers and put them onto the wreath ring.

I am very pleased with the look of the wreath, and glad my boss had fun to make it and also trained his fine motor skills. Two birds, one stone! Yeah~ 🙂

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First no-cry doctor checkup! (Thanks for the doctor pretend play~)

Ryker was a big crier every time he went to see a doctor. He started to cry before entering the clinic, and didn’t let any one near him. He cried so loud that everyone who was in the building could hear him.

After his birthday, his 3-year-old checkup was coming up. I was so nervous and did a lot of preparation. We watched the checkup related episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, read some checkup storybooks, and did the doctor pretend play. We did the pretend play couple hours before Ryker’s actual checkup. I think this was very helpful, and he did so well during his checkup.

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My Boss’s 3rd Birthday Party

My boss is all about trains, so of course his birthday theme request was Thomas the train!

OMG! Thomas and his friends are so colorful, and their super friendly faces are too hard to make them looks modern… I knew I didn’t want to disappointed my boss, so I had to make it happens. Here is the design I came up with. I am very happy with the result and proud of myself to make every piece, even to step up all the food and drinks.

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Custom Pokémon Cap

My nephew is turning 5 in the end of February. I have designed many stuff with his favorite characters for his birthdays. I remembered he liked a weird character name,”yellow”when he was 2. He was crazy about the ambulance when he was 3, then he had a huge batman 4th bday party that I designed every piece of it. This year he is all about Pokémon! Time flys, and it’s getting hard to keep up with this little man now.

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Crafted Outfit

My First Big Etsy Shop Order

It was a busy and stressful week. I got my first big order since the Etsy shop was opened. I made 31 sweatshirts in 4 days included packaging and branding. I am so thankful my supportive family and friends. I hope each customer likes the products and thank for supporting the small businesses.

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